Installation and Setup

  • Install MythGallery with synaptic, adept, or by issuing this command in the console:

    • $ sudo apt-get install mythgallery
  • Open MythFrontend and navigate to Utilities/Setup --> Setup --> Media Settings --> Image Settings

  • Input the path where you store your photos in the box labeled: "Directory that holds images:" (eg:)
    • /home/user/MyPhotos


  • To use MythGallery go to Media Library --> Image Gallery and browse your photo collection

A Note about LIRC

  • If you use a remote control with MythTV (through LIRC) you will need to make sure you have commands to control mplayer set up in your /home/user/.mythtv/lircrc file. When you select a photo mplayer is used to display that photo and once opened, your remote control will not function unless mplayer controls are defined.

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