MythTV DVB-S HowTo

Getting DVB-S working in MythTV with Ubuntu (Mythbuntu) 12.04. Tested with the following card:

  • Hauppauge Nova-S Plus


At the end of the Mythbuntu installation process mythtv-setup should start. If not, you can enter "mythtv-setup" in an terminal or click it in the Application menu.

Add DVB-S card, as card type choose: DVB DTV TV-Card (v3.x).

As Frontend ID there should be some autodetected text, for Hauppauge Nova-S Plus it is: Conexant CX24123/CX24109 Subtype: DVB-S .

For video source you can use Transmitted guide only (EIT) .

Input connections: Dvb , Video source: EIT , Scan for channels

For Astra 19.2E you need these settings:

* frequency: 12551000

* symbolrate: 22000000

* polarity: Vertical

for the full scan.

For Hotbird (not tested):

* frequency: 12539000

* symbolrate: 27500000

* polarity: horizontal

If you do a 'complete scan of all transponders' and 'search new transports' activated, you will find 1145 channels in april 2012 if you include encrypted ones.

alternative scan for channels in console

If the scan in mythtv-setup doesn't work, do it by hand:

Go to a console, e.g. by typing Strg-Alt-F1 (Ctrl-ALt-F1), log in and type:

sudo service mythtv-backend stop
scan /usr/share/dvb/dvb-s/Astra-19.2E > channels.conf 

(not dvbscan anymore)

If you have more than one adapter and your Nova-S is for example adapter1, type

sudo scan -a 1 /usr/share/dvb/dvb-s/Astra-19.2E > channels.conf

If you want another satellite than Astra, just ls in this directory and choose the one that fits for you. You should see a lot of channels running through you screen. The channels.conf should be in your home-directory after scanning.

To start it all again type

sudo service mythtv-backend start

Now you can import your new channels.conf in mythtv-setup instead of scanning for channels there.


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