Dbusmocking NetworkManager

This page describes the design goals for mocking NetworkManager.

Test cases

This intends to be a comprehensive list of test cases that should drive the design of NetworkManager.

  • Ethernet device, disconnected.
  • Ethernet device, connected.
  • Wifi device present, no acceess points
  • Ethernet + Wifi devices present, eth disconnected and wifi with no access points.
  • Two WiFi devices present, with some access points each.

  • Wifi device with one open access point
  • Wifi device with one WEP encrypted access point
  • Wifi device with one WPA/WPA2 encrypted access point
  • Wifi device with several access points present, different strengths, SSIDs and different encryption methods (open, WPA/WPA2).
  • Wifi device with several (10 or more) access points present, different strenghts, same SSIDs and same security settings.
  • Wifi device with several accesss points, with two group of 10 APs with same SSID/encryption and another 5 with random settings.

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