Bluetooth configuration

First step is to install bluez-utils package if it is not already installed in your system.

apt-get install bluez-utils

This packages unfortunately isn't working correctly out of the box and some additional steps are required. First you need to create your own pinwrapper script instead of the one supplied by the package. This file is needed to have PIN based verification between phone an computer working.

Create /usr/bin/mypinwrapper file with following content:

echo "PIN:1234"

The actual PIN can and obviously should be changed.

Second step is to change /etc/bluetooth/hcid.conf file:

options {
      autoinit    yes;
      security    auto;
      pairing     multi;
      pin_helper  /usr/bin/mypinwrapper;

device {
      name "%h-%d";
      class 0x3e0100;
      iscan enable;
      pscan enable;
      lm accept;
      lp rswitch,hold,sniff,park;

At this point you should be able to detect your phone with following command:

hcitool scan

It should return your phone MAC address and its name.


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