Ubuntu Orchestra

A collection of what we think are the best free software services for provisioning, deploying, hosting, managing, and orchestrating enterprise data center infrastructure services, by, with, and for the Ubuntu Server. Orchestra, enables users to quickly deploy a solution in the datacentre. Instead of manually setting up a complex network installation environment, users can leverage Orchestra to rapidly deploy new servers in production using the best open-source tools. The process is standardised and fully automated, minimising manual intervention and ensuring consistency.

Once servers are installed on the network, Orchestra uses an open-source service orchestration tool called Juju to deploy, scale and control service applications - such as Openstack or Hadoop - across the environment. Using other leading tools, Orchestra also monitors server activity centrally and provisions new server resources rapidly as and when they are needed. In short, Orchestra allows organisations to provision bare metal in minutes, and manage and maintain it using leading tools.



Server metapackage that has, as dependencies, the individual components that make up the server side of an orchestra infrastructure.


Installs the dependencies necessary to provision Ubuntu systems over the network leveraging:


This is a small metapackage to ensure the dependencies necessary to manage deployments of Ubuntu Server are installed, specifically:


This package installs the dependencies necessary to log events across your Ubuntu Server deployment.


This virtual package installs the dependencies necessary to monitor an Ubuntu data center.


This package installs dependencies needed by a client system managed by Ubuntu Orchestra, these include:

Experience of provisoning

  1. Rack a server
  2. Turn on a server
  3. Server netboots and 'registers' itself with the Orchestra provisioning server (cobbler)
  4. Server shuts down
  5. (WAIT)
  6. When server is required, it is Wake'd on Lan via powerwake and installs a base Ubuntu server with cloud-init installed.
  7. Juju customizes the install to be as required.

Experience of monitoring

Right now we're deploying just the basic infrastructure for nagios (server and nrpe clients) then each payload will be responsible to register itself with the desired checks through nrpe into nagios We define hostgroups by role name automatically

Experience of managing server


Experience of logging server

Centralised logging, collecting all tradional syslog output into central server. Orchestra logging client reconfigures rsyslog (via preseed) to log to the central logging server. Currently we have no webui for log grepping, but octapusy is on the roadmap.

Deploying Orchestra fleets

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