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This document deals with syncing a Palm Zire 31 with Evolution on Ubuntu. Why was this document written? The Palm Zire 31 is a fairly new Palm PDA and as such support under Linux isn't all that great. It took me a while to figure out what to do, and I think others might benefit from my experience. The method outlined here has been tested with Warty and Hoary and will most likely work with other versions of Ubuntu.

1) Before you start, you need to ensure that the gpilot daemon isn't running. To do that, launch the terminal(Applications->System Tools->Terminal) and type the following: ps -A | grep gpilot If there is no output, that's great and you can proceed to the next step :-). If the gpilot daemon is running, the command will output something like this:

 3247 ?        00:00:06 gpilotd
 3541 ?        00:00:00 gpilotd
 3542 ?        00:00:00 gpilotd
 3543 ?        00:00:00 gpilotd

If the daemon is running you will need to kill the process. Do that by typing the following in the terminal kill 3247 NOTE: The number 3247 is called the process id (pid). It will change from machine to machine, so instead of typing in 3247, you need to type in the lowest pid you see, which in this case was 3247. Then to make sure the daemon is completely killed, do ps -A | grep gpilot again. If it isn't killed, repeat this process.

2) Edit the file /usr/share/gnome-pilot/devices.xml. To do this, in the terminal type the following: gksudo gedit /usr/share/gnome-pilot/devices.xml It will ask you for your password, enter it and then proceed to add the following two lines anywhere in the file (though I usually just add it after the line just before the Samsung PDAs, but it's up to you).

      <!--Palm Zire 31-->
       <device vendor_id="0830" product_id="0061" />

This step tells the system that there is a new device called the Palm Zire 31. The important bits are the vendor_id and product_id fields and the device will not be sync'd if the system doesn't know about the device.

3) Start up Evolution

4) In Evolution, from the menus go to Tools->Pilot Settings. Leave the Name textbox as "Cradle", enter "/dev/ttyUSB1" in the textbox Port, set Speed to 115200, and choose USB for the type.

5) Make sure your device is plugged in and switched on. Now click next.

6) You've probably sync'd the device before. If so, leave this screen at it's defaults. Click next again. If you haven't then enter your details.

7) Now press the hot sync button on your device. And if all goes well, it should sync!

These steps have been tested on an x86 and PPC machine. They work. However if it doesn't work, you can go over to the Ubuntu Forums or try the mailing list to get more help.

Submitted by Philip Goh. philip _dot_ goh _at_ macosx _dot_ com.


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