This guide is meant to assist and guide the use of pastebinit. is a site that is used to post long messages that can't be used in the IRC or other chat clients. You can copy and paste the error messages that you get with a specific command onto the pastebin and send it to the site. In return you will get a URL in which you can give it to someone else for them to review. Though that is not the entire use of pastebin. You can post any text you would like. From what I understand length doesn't matter.


To install pastebinit you can install the following package: ''pastebinit''

Use Pastebinit

Once you have pastebinit installed it's time to test it out.

  • The command for pastebinit in the terminal is:

<command> | pastebinit 

For example if you were having grub issues and someone in the IRC ask you to post your menu.lst into a pastebin you would enter the following in a terminal:

cat /boot/grub/menu.lst | pastebinit
  • This will paste the contents of your menu.lst into a pastebin log url which will look like this: 
  • Give that url that the terminal returns to you to whoever it is that is helping you and they will post it in their web browser and be able to view your menu.lst through the site.

NOTE: After you start the pastebinit command it may take 1-2 minutes. depending on the size of the contents from the command posted, to return back a url. During this time DO NOT mess with the terminal that is running the cmd.

Pastebinit is currently supported amongst many various sites to include but not limited to:


Examples to use the sites can be:

ps aux | pastebinit -b

Or to specify a custom paste url you can use:

df -h | pastebinit -b 

NOTE: The -b switch allows you to choose what pastebin site you want to use!

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