If you have a set of twelve nice photos lying around doing nothing, why not make a calendar out of them? You can print-out the calendar and give it as a gift, or maybe just keep it pinned to your own wall.

Download the calendar template

  1. Right-click the link below and press Save Link As... to save the calendar template.

  2. Open the folder where you saved the template and double-click it to open it.

Add photos to the template

With the calendar template downloaded and opened, you can now add your photos to the calendar.

  1. Go to the first page (January) and scroll down to the empty, light blue box
  2. Click once anywhere on the grey border of the box to select the box
    • Green squares will appear in the corners of the box if it is selected correctly
  3. Right-click anywhere in the box and press Frame...

  4. Press Background and, where it says As, change Color to Graphic

  5. Under File, press Browse and select the photo which you would like to use for January

  6. Under File, make sure that Link is not ticked

  7. Under Type, choose Area. This will resize the photo to fit in the box

  8. Press OK to insert the photo and repeat this procedure for all of the other months

  9. Once finished, press File -> Save and save the calendar with an appropriate name

You should now have a calendar, complete with photos, ready to print out.

Single-sided calendar

For a calendar which has one month per sheet of paper (single sided):

  1. Press File -> Print...

  2. If you would like more than one copy, increase the Number of copies and ensure that Collate is ticked

  3. Press Options... and ensure that Reversed is ticked. This will print pages in reverse order (from December to January) so that the pages of the calendar will be in the correct order once printed.

    • Note: Some printers may do this automatically, so ticking Reverse is unnecessary

  4. Press Print to print the calendar

Double-sided calendar

This section has not yet been tested.

Bind the calendar

There are several ways of binding your calendar:

  • Comb or wire bind
  • Plastic binding strip
  • Staples

Many stationery shops offer binding services, or you can do it yourself if you have the equipment.

You may also want to use a single-hole punch to punch a hole through the top of the calendar so that it can be hung on a pin or nail in the wall. If you only have a two-hole punch, just twist it so that only one hole will be punched in the paper.


  • Print the calendar on a moderately heavyweight (around 160gsm should suffice) matte/semi-gloss paper for a similar feel to a professionally-printed calendar

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