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Tonido Photos allows you to effortlessly share photos with your friends and family. Unlike photosharing websites, Tonido Photos saves you from wasting your time in uploading or downloading photos. Importantly, Tonido Photos doesn’t have any limit on the size of photos or the number of photos you can share.


  • Sharing: Share photos with friends, family, classmates and colleagues gets easier with Tonido Photos. Using Tonido groups , you can build your own private community to share photos.

  • Organizing: Photos are automatically organized by user, group, date or comments. Apart from default options, you can also add tags to your photos and organize photos based on tags.

  • Share Comments and Rate Photos: Tonido Photos makes photo sharing more rewarding engaging as you can share comments and rate your friend’s photos.

  • Higher Privacy: -Tonido Photos doesn’t store your photos in any servers hence and relieves you from worrying about strangers looking at your private photos. You can control who receives the photos by allowing or blocking users

  • High resolution: Photos doesn’t impose any size limit on photos.Hence you can share very high resolution pictures with your group community. With Tondio Photos, you will not be losing resolution or cropping pictures of your loved ones.

  • View Photos from Anywhere: Offline/Online When you share photos using photo sharing websites, you have to be connected to the internet to see the photos. But with Tonido, You can see your photos and friends’ photos even when you are not connected to the internet.Even better, with Tonido Photos, if your computer is connected to the internet, you can see your pictures via any device that has a web browser.

  • Rich Content/Interact: Photos sharing becomes more fun when you share your comments , rate photos and read comments from others.

  • Multi Peer Download: Since same set of photos could be downloaded simultaneously from multiple users, downloads could be faster.

Tonido Photos


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