Printing your photos is great way to share them with others.

Basic Procedure

  1. Double-click the photo you want to print to open it in the Image Viewer

  2. Press File -> Page Setup...

    • Under Format for, select the printer which you are going to use

    • Under Paper size, select the size of the paper which you are going to print the photo onto

    • Under Orientation, choose the orientation of the photo on the paper

  3. Press Apply

  4. Press File -> Print...

  5. Change any settings as appropriate (see Printer Settings, below)

  6. Press Print to print the photo

Printer Settings

You can tweak your printing settings to get the best results. All of these settings can be found in the File -> Print... window.

Make sure that you select your printer from the list on the General tab to get the full range of settings supported by your printer.

Note: Different makes of printer will have different printer settings. The settings below are only provided as a guide for what you may be able to change with your particular printer.

Paper Type

The paper type that you use has a large impact on the quality of your printed photo. You should set the paper type to match the paper which you are using in your printer to prevent poor results. Using a Glossy Paper type with only plain paper loaded into your printer will generally produce poor results, for example.

This setting may automatically change the amount of ink which is used, in order to get the best results and to prevent smudging. How this is handled will depend on your printer.

Paper Type



Plain Paper

Standard, uncoated office paper (80gsm)

OK for quick prints

Coated Paper

Paper with a coating, such as a Matte paper

Good quality prints

Glossy Paper

Heavy, glossy paper

Best quality prints, comparable to prints from film cameras


Transparent plastic (acetate)

Overhead projection

Greeting Card

Thick, heavy card

Making greetings cards

Iron-On Transfer

Special transferable paper

T-Shirt transfers

Print quality is generally measured in DPI (dots per inch). A greater DPI value should result in better print quality.

  • Choose Draft for making quick draft prints which don't use much ink

  • Choose Best Quality or Photo for making high quality prints. Printing will be slower and will use more ink

Advanced Photo Printing

For advanced printing, install the Photoprint application:

  1. Press Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal

  2. Type sudo apt-get install photoprint and press Return

  3. Press Alt + F2 to show the Run Application window

  4. Type photoprint into the box and press Run to start Photoprint

Photoprint allows you to fine-tune your printing settings.

  1. Under Page Size, change the page size to the size of paper that you want to print onto.

  2. Under Layout, change the number of columns and rows to reflect the number of photos that you want to put onto a page

  3. To change the amount of spacing between photos, change the Horizontal and Vertical settings under Gutters

  4. To add a photo to the page, press Image -> Add Image and select a photo

  5. To change the advanced printer settings, press File -> Print Setup...

    • You may need to select the correct printer model on the Output tab

  6. Press File -> Print to print your photos

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