It is possible to make modern digital photos look old-fashioned by applying a sepia effect.

See Wikipedia for more information on sepia photos.

Using the GIMP Image Editor


The GIMP provides a filter especially for making images look old. Alternatively, you can add a sepia effect manually.

Use the Old Photo filter

  1. Open a photo in the GIMP Image Editor

  2. Press Script-Fu -> Decor -> Old Photo...

  3. Ensure that Sepia is ticked and press OK to apply the effect (see screenshot)

  4. If the resulting image appears too light, increase the contrast:
    1. Press Tools -> Color Tools -> Brightness-Contrast...

    2. Ensure that Preview is ticked

    3. Move the Contrast slider to the right to increase the contrast

    4. Press OK when you are happy with your changes

Manually add a sepia colour effect

  1. Open a photo in the GIMP Image Editor

  2. Press Tools -> Color Tools -> Hue-Saturation...

  3. Under Select Primary Color to Modify, ensure that Master is selected

  4. Move the Saturation slider as far to the left as possible and press OK. This will make the photo black and white

  5. Press Tools -> Color Tools -> Color Balance...

  6. Under Modify Selected Range's Color Levels:

    • Move the first slider towards Red (about 45)

    • Move the third slider towards Yellow (about -45)

  7. Once you are happy with the way the photo looks, press OK

Using F-Spot Photo Manager

F-Spot is able to convert photos to sepia, although you will probably get better results if you use the GIMP Image Editor.

  1. Open F-Spot Photo Manager and find a photo

  2. Double-click the photo
  3. Press Convert the photo to sepia tones (see below)


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