BlackBerry™ functionality is limited to community support. As of May 2014, there is still no known official Linux support from BlackBerry. BlackBerry devices are not Ubuntu-certified hardware either.

If you are using a BlackBerry and would like it to work in Ubuntu, let BlackBerry know.

Using a BlackBerry

Synchronization: Barry allows synchronization, backup, restore and program management for pre-BlackBerry 10 devices (older than the Z10). This software also charges BlackBerry devices via USB starting with the 2.6.21 kernel (most probably Feisty+1 in October 2007).

According to the project page, USB GSM modem capabilities is implemented.

Charging: Even without Barry, you can charge BlackBerrys via USB in later versions of Ubuntu (as of Ubuntu 14.04, this still is possible).

When plugged in, many BlackBerrys can have their internal storage and/or inserted media (mini/microSD) mounted as mass storage devices.

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