SonyEricsson Mobile Phones

Syncronize with Evolution

Most SonyEricsson mobile phones support the SyncML protocol, allowing you to sync email, contacts, calender appointments with Evolution by installing the multisync package. See InstallingSoftware.

Backup of your phone data

If you want to backup all your phone data like contacts (SIM/memory), messages, calendar, tasks, history of phone calls, install a package called wammu (see InstallingSoftware). It also allows you to move them back to the telephone or even edit them in the phone. Supported phones []

Sending SMS

For sending SMS, use the package wammu.

Files transfer

You can transfer music and images from your SonyEricsson phone using the standard USB cable. Ubuntu will detect the media and guide you step-by-step through the process. A USB Device will also appear on the desktop for transferring files the other way. It is worth noting that only files stored on the Memory Stick are available via USB, although it is possible to move files between the Memory Stick & phone memory using the options on your mobile.

Remote control

To use the bluetooth remote options see BluetoothRemoteControl This works with all versions of Ubuntu.


Useful info


To connect to Internet via usb cable you can simply keep enabled the option "Internet USB" from menu settings -> connectivity -> USB. Network manager automatically tries to connect via dhcp when you plug-in the usb cable to your PC


Set phone into File transfer mode via its menu. Both the Memory Stick and the phone memory are available via USB

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