iriver H1x0

These devices all support MSC.

iriver H3x0

These devices all support MSC.

iriver H10

These devices sometimes ship in "MTP mode". They can be forced into MSC mode with the following procedure:

  1. Ensure the player is fully powered off by using a pin to push the small reset button inside the hole between the Hold switch and remote control connector.
  2. Connect your H10 to the computer using the data cable.
  3. Hold Select and push Power to turn the player on.
  4. Continue holding Select until the USB Connected screen appears.
  5. The player will now appear as a regular disk on your computer.

iriver T10, T20, and T30

iriver devices such as the T10 and T30 often ship in "MTP mode", which doesn't work with most Linux multimedia apps. Using the Windows firmware upgrade tool, you can switch it to UMS mode, allowing it to work as a USB mass storage device in Linux. See here for instructions to switch from MTP to UMS mode.


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