tumgreyspf is an external policy checker for the postfix mail server. It can optionally greylist and/or use spfquery to check SPF records to determine if email should be accepted by your server.

tumgreyspf is:

  • fast, because it uses file-system as it's database
  • simple, it is written in Python and doesn't run as a daemon, all needed to run it is a line in crontab

  • currently well maintaned, latest release (Version 1.33) dates Jul 20, 2008

Visit tumgreyspf homepage to find out more.


Just use your favorite package manager and install tumgreyspf. For example:

sudo apt-get install tumgreyspf

After what you need to tell Postfix to use it. Just run:


tumgreyspf-install script will automatically add most necessary rules in and

Modify /etc/postfix/ and change the line

  • user=nobody argv=/usr/lib/tumgreyspf/tumgreyspf


  • user=tumgreyspf argv=/usr/bin/tumgreyspf

Restart postfix

/etc/init.d/postfix restart


Edit /etc/tumgreyspf/tumgreyspf.conf

That's all!

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