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PythonCard is a GUI construction kit for building cross-platform desktop applications, using the Python language.

Inspired by Apple's HyperCard, it is simple, yet powerful. It is ideal for those who want to develop graphical applications quickly and easily with a minimum of effort and coding.

PythonCard uses wxPython. If you are already familiar with wxPython, just think of PythonCard as a simpler way of doing wxPython programs with a whole lot of samples and tools already in place for you to copy and subclass and tools to help you build cross-platform applications.

PythonCard is being developed under the terms of a BSD-style license.


PythonCard can be found at the Ubuntu Universe repository, so you can simply install package pythoncard from the Universe repository using your favorite method. If you need help about installing a package read the following InstallingSoftware.


At the home page of the project, you can find a documentation and wiki about PythonCard.

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