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Python is a programming language which makes it easy to create anything from small, useful tools to full-sized applications. The good news is that Ubuntu has excellent support for Python right out of the box. The great news is that you can get started right away using the advice and sample code in these Python recipes!

The aim of these recipes is to provide examples of useful Python code which you can use to learn more about Python, and to provide code which you can use as building blocks for writing your own software. All of the example code is distributed under a free software license, so you can use it in your own projects.

Getting started with Python

There are hundreds of Python resources available, including many books and online guides. Below is a small selection of what's available:

  • - The official Python website

  • Programming Python - An introduction to Python

  • Python for Beginners - A beginners' guide to Python

  • Dive Into Python - An online book intended to help more experienced programmers learn Python

  • Pygame - An excellent resource for anyone interested in Python game development (pygame is in the Ubuntu software repository).

Graphical applications

Most graphical software in Ubuntu uses GTK, the GIMP ToolKit. Python has excellent support for GTK through the PyGTK bindings.

  • Hello World! - The simplest graphical application you can write, Hello World is an easy-to-follow example of a graphical application

  • GTK Basics - Basic information on how GTK works and what all of the technical terms mean

  • Simple Web Browser - Thanks to the GtkMozEmbed widget, it's easy to write a simple web browser application

  • MIME Types - You can use the MIME system to find the file type and default application for a file

Packaging and distribution

Once you've written a Python application, you may want to package and distribute it so that other people can use it. These articles show you how.

Documentation, translations and other supporting material

For software to be useful to people, you need more than just code. Documentation and translations are an important part of the user experience.

  • Writing man pages
  • Writing a DocBook user guide

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