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The QLogic SANSurfer CLI is a command-line management tool for the Qlogic SANSurfer line of fiber-channel cards. It is generally released (as of this writing) as Windows executables, and RedHat/SUSE RPMs. This document details how to convert the QLogic RPMS for use on Ubuntu. This procedure has been tested on Ubuntu 9.04 server. Other variants should work, but have not been tested.

Note that the QLogic CLI tool is released as a binary named scli. This may be confused with the Ubuntu scli package, a collection of SNMP command-line management tools

Getting the CLI tools

The SANSurfer CLI tool is available from Qlogic driver downloads page. This document will assume the use of the file scli-1.7.3-14.i386.rpm

 $ mkdir /tmp/qlogic; cd /tmp/qlogic

Download the appropriate scli RPM to the new folder (/tmp/qlogic/, for example). You should now have /tmp/qlogic/scli-1.7.3-14.i386.rpm

Installing the Qlogic CLI


You'll need the alien package to convert the .rpm into a .deb.

 /tmp/qlogic$ sudo apt-get install alien

Convert RPM into DEB

 $ alien -g scli-1.7.3-14.i386.rpm 
 $ cd scli-1.7.3
 $ mv debian DEBIAN
 $ mv \$\{_prefix\}/opt/ .
 $ rm -rf \$\{_prefix\}/

Edit control file ..

 $ vim DEBIAN/control

.. to remove any references to the ${_prefix} prefix:

Source: scli
Section: admin
Priority: optional
Maintainer: Your Name <yourname@your.host.com>
Version: 1.7.3-14
Package: scli
Architecture: i386
Description: SANsurfer FC HBA CLI
 QLogic FC HBA Command Line Interface application
 (Converted from a rpm package by alien version 8.73.)

Edit conffile ..

 $ vim DEBIAN/conffiles

.. so that it looks like this (removing the ${_prefix} prefix on every line):


Package everything back into a .deb:

 $ dpkg -b scli-1.7.3 scli-1.7.3-14.deb

Install the CLI

 $ sudo dpkg --install scli-1.7.3-14.deb
 $ cd /opt/QLogic_Corporation/SANsurferCLI
 $ tar -xzf lib.tgz
 $ sudo cp -i lib/ia32/2.6/*.so /usr/lib/
 $ ln -s /opt/QLogic_Corporation/SANsurferCLI/scli qlscli

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