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Make Qt application more GNOME-like

Install needed software

First we need to install qt3-qtconfig in order to change the sytles:

sudo apt-get install qt3-qtconfig

Now we install Polymer Qt Theme that looks like GNOME Clearlooks. It is in the Universe repository.

sudo apt-get install polymer 

If you want to use a font like Trebuchet we need to install msstcorefonts:

sudo apt-get install msttcorefonts

If you want to use Xlin Sans (What I personaly prefer and also use in my GNOME system):

wget -c ftp://ftp.chg.ru/pub/Linux/ALTLinux/Master/2.4/ALTLinux/RPMS.main/dmtr40in-fonts-1.0-alt2.noarch.rpm
sudo alien -d dmtr40in-fonts-1.0-alt2.noarch.rpm
sudo dpkg -i dmtr40in-fonts_1.0-1_all.deb

if you don't have alien install it via: sudo apt-get install alien.


Let's configure it:


You can make for example the following changes:

-Default Font-
Family: Trebuchet MS
Style: Normal
Point Size: 10

or choose "XLinSans"!

Click on the Library Paths tab. In the input-box at the bottom enter


then click add, save it and restart and choose polymer as GUI Style and save it again.

Now we configure the polymer theme:


Down around the bottom you'll see KDE Style Settings, change the Transparency Engine to Software Tint and then close the application and save it.

For even more KDE tweaking you can play around with kcontrol.

Thanks: [FLeiXiuS http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=56630&page=1&pp=10]

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