Alien converts an RPM package file into a Debian package file or Alien can install an RPM file directly. This is not the recommended way to install software packages in Ubuntu. If at all possible, install packages from Ubuntu's repositories using Add/Remove, apt-get, or the Synaptic Package Manager. Package dependency conflicts may occur when attempting to install RPM packages. The Synaptic Package Manager may be able to fix or remove any broken packages.

Install Alien

Add the Universe repository to the sources list from the System menu System > Administration > Software Sources.

Open a Terminal from the Applications menu Applications > Accessories > Terminal.

In a terminal, enter:

sudo apt-get install alien

Installing an RPM file directly

In a terminal, enter:

sudo alien -i package_file.rpm

Converting the RPM file to a Debian package

In a terminal, enter:

sudo alien package_file.rpm

Installing the converted Debian package

Either use gdebi, or in a terminal, enter:

sudo dpkg -i package_file.deb

Additional Help

In a terminal, enter:

alien -h

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