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[DIFF] 23:10 Info sccman [1-2]
[DIFF] 07:47 Info ister-kokos added warning (a paragraph that warns the user about risks).
[DIFF] 14:24 Info gweatherby typo
[DIFF] 08:23 Info jarnos linux purge can do not only troubleshooting, but fixing, too.
[DIFF] 19:15 Info vorlon [1]
vorlon [2]
#01 document that md5sums should only be used for protection against corruption, not for security. Remove all other references to md5sums as part of the gpg verification path.
#02 remove claim that this page is a duplicate of HowToMD5SUM; it is not.
[DIFF] 16:05 Info davidc3
[DIFF] 03:06 Info penalvch 1) RM'd Broadcom URL as webmaster changes URLs, causing panic/blind link chasing+bit rot. 2) + readme content as more immediately helpful. 3) MV'd Debian URL as ext. link vs. install instructions.
[DIFF] 18:00 Info tsimonq2


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