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[DIFF] 15:14 Info m47h4r add cosmic in the add to group section, now it is libvirt
[DIFF] 16:35 Info eeickmeyer
[DIFF] 10:43 Info dani.behzi change title to keep in contex
[DIFF] 10:41 Info dani.behzi more descriptions about maening of virus
[DIFF] 21:19 Info eeickmeyer
[DIFF] 21:13 Info eeickmeyer [1-4]
[DELETED] 21:09 Info eeickmeyer
[DIFF] 21:06 Info eeickmeyer [1-3]
[DIFF] 08:04 Info jarnos do not mark e.g. linux-headers-4.12.0 -121 as automatically installed
[DIFF] 02:33 Info qiii [1]
duckhook [2]
#01 Warning about rewriting process
#02 Replaced obsolete gksu instructions with several workarounds.
[DIFF] 19:17 Info scdbackup [1-9] #01 Updated original ISO links because 15.10 and 17.04 have vanished and others evolved
#02 Split i386 BIOS-only ISO production from amd64 BIOS+UEFI production
#03 Removed a surplus word from previous change
#04 Minor polishing
#05 Added a few forgotten "sudo"
#06 Mentioned USB sticks for isohybrid images. (Self-plagiarism: I wrote nearly the same for SYSLINUX wiki page "isohybrid")
#07 Mentioned that "CD" means actually "CD, DVD, or BD". (ubuntu-18.10-live-s erver-amd64.iso is now at 884 MiB.)
#08 Replaced the cdrecord burn run by a xorriso run
#09 Fixed xorriso isohybrid run, https://unix.stackex /491043/boot-grub-ef i-img-invalid-image- size
[DIFF] 17:18 Info eeickmeyer
[DIFF] 21:18 Info nio-wiklund knoppix 8.2 ...
[DIFF] 18:08 Info eeickmeyer
[DIFF] 20:58 Info nio-wiklund [1-6] #04 Upload of attachment 'grub-win-ntfs-insta ll.img.xz.md5.asc'.
#05 Upload of attachment 'grub-win-ntfs-insta ll.img.xz'.
[DIFF] 16:19 Info nio-wiklund added link to unity/Installation/i so2usb/diy/windows-i nstaller-for-big-fil es
[DIFF] 14:45 Info nio-wiklund [1-2] #02 /windows-installer-f or-big-files
[DIFF] 22:18 Info eeickmeyer [1-4]
[DIFF] 21:54 Info eeickmeyer [1-2]
[DIFF] 21:49 Info eeickmeyer
[DELETED] 20:09 Info eeickmeyer [1-14] #03 Upload of attachment 'Controls2.png'.
#04 Attachment 'Controls2.png' deleted.
#05 Upload of attachment 'Controls1.png'.
#06 Attachment 'Controls1.png' deleted.
#07 Upload of attachment 'ControlsMenu.png'.
#08 Attachment 'ControlsMenu.png' deleted.
#10 Upload of attachment 'Controls2.png'.
#11 Upload of attachment 'Controls1.png'.
#12 Upload of attachment 'ControlsMenu.png'.


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