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[DIFF] 14:42 Info third-pancake16 Increase readability of the text in "What is swap?" paragraph
[DIFF] 03:04 Info 16num
[DIFF] 20:19 Info markrijckenberg
[DIFF] 09:14 Info paddy-landau [1-2]
[DIFF] 14:34 Info pjbroad [1-2] #01 Added links to snap and flatpak packages
#02 Updated Debin instructions to use new repository
[DIFF] 08:29 Info markrijckenberg
[DIFF] 00:01 Info fitojb trivial: spelling of “macOS”; remove no-longer-working Adept link
[DIFF] 07:23 Info martin-devsed This speeds up the randomization. https://serverfault. com/questions/6440/i s-there-an-alternati ve-to-dev-urandom
[DIFF] 18:34 Info runverzagt [1-2] #01 spelling and formatting
#02 Added info about GPT vs MBR; Added information about using "parted"
[DIFF] 16:48 Info tomreyn All the external repositories have since ceased to exist


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