This is a comprehensive HOWTO to remove your TTY1-6 (Ctrl+Alt+F1-F6)


In forums been a lot times asked how to remove unneded TTY to save speed and Ram for older comps.


TTY`s are beeing started if theres file in /etc/init/tty[1-6].conf and it contains line start on runlevel [23] Long method is to make line unexecutable by puting in front of it # #start on runlevel [23]

  • Faster is just Remove 4 virtual TTY terminals using in terminal removing command for desired TTY terminals
    sudo rm /etc/init/tty3.conf && sudo rm /etc/init/tty4.conf && sudo rm /etc/init/tty5.conf && sudo rm /etc/init/tty6.conf
  • Restart Computer

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