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RightScale has joined forces with Ubuntu to support the "technology preview" of the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (powered by Eucalyptus) to help enterprises deploy and manage "private" clouds in their own data centers. Organizations that install the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, which was released as part of the Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition, will be able to create Eucalyptus-based private clouds on their internal IT infrastructure and can then choose to register them with the RightScale Cloud Management Platform’s Free Edition, at no charge.

For the first time, enterprises will be able to leverage the power of RightScale’s Web-based cloud management platform internally, enabling them to begin to experience the power of cloud management for server and storage resources in their own data center, as well as for "hybrid" cloud deployments, which use public and private clouds together.

About RightScale

RightScale is the leading provider of cloud management solutions and now enables Ubuntu users to more easily design, deploy, and manage business-critical applications on the cloud. To date, thousands of deployments have been launched using the RightScale Cloud Management Platform - running everything from scalable web sites to complex grid applications.

The RightScale Difference

What sets RightScale apart is the unique approach of managing complete deployments, comprising multiple servers and the connections between them, across one or more clouds - including Eucalyptus-based private clouds. Using the RightScale Platform, you can operate at a level above the underlying cloud infrastructure, using best practices designed specifically for cloud environments. Your deployments will run smoothly, managed by an automation engine that adapts resource allocation as required by system demand, system failures or other events - all based on active monitoring to ensure real-time response to triggers you define.

With RightScale, you remain in complete control every step of the way with total visibility into all layers of the cloud infrastructure.

Using RightScale to manage your Ubuntu/Eucalyptus Deployments

The RightScale Cloud Management Platform lets any organization tap the enormous power of cloud computing for scalable, cost-effective IT infrastructure on demand, with complete control and portability.

By choosing RightScale, Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud users will be able to maximize the cost efficiency and flexibility of their cloud applications by either testing in their own IT environment and deploying on the public cloud, developing on a public cloud and deploying in their own data center, or deploying some applications in a private cloud and some in a public cloud. Through the RightScale Platform, users will be able to view and manage all their clouds - public, private, and hybrid - with one common interface.

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