I'm sorry but for some reason we weren't able to let you in to the support portal via Ubuntu Single Sign On.

If you have never logged into the support portal before:

  • Ensure that the preferred email address used in Ubuntu SSO is identical to the email used when buying or enabling support. You can change the one in Ubuntu SSO by going to https://login.ubuntu.com.

  • If someone else at the company has support portal access they can add you as a contact, and then enable your access. Send them this link for a guide (support portal access needed) - https://support.canonical.com/ua/s/article/Managing-Support-Portal-Access.

  • Clear cookies for *.ubuntu.com and *.canonical.com

For existing users who have had the portal working before:

  • Contract may have expired
  • Renewal encountered an error

In either of these cases, please get in touch with your sales representative.

For other issues the general SSO FAQ may be of help.

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