All essential features of Samsung Series 9 laptops work out of the box on Ubuntu 14.04.

Regretfully with 14.10 and Kernel 3.16 an ACPI regression was introduced, see kernel 44161. You can use this workaround to restore Suspend on lid close and Battery status.

Support Status

Full (works out of the box)


  • Wireless Display (WiDi) technology

  • Intel Rapid Start Technology

Outstanding Issues

  • LED does not light up when muting the sound by pressing Fn+F6.
  • Laptop does not resume on Lid open. Need to press the power button to resume from suspend.
  • Screen brightness resets to 100% on reboot.
  • On model 900X3G (and possibly others) the internal microphone is not working properly. See bug launchpad 1316518. Plugged-in headset microphone works though.

Function keys

In Ubuntu 14.04 work out of the box: screen backlight, sound control, keyboard backlight. Doesn't work: Wifi, silent mode.

Instruction for former issues on pre 14.04 can be found here.

Suspend on lid close

Automatic suspend on lid close works since 14.04, it might take up to 10 seconds though (see launchpad 986724, launchpad 971061 and kernel 44161).

Battery Status

Battery status works since 14.04. (lauchpad 971061)

Keyboard backlight

Keyboard backlight seems to only work when Ubuntu is not running in UEFI mode. This bug was submitted to track the problem.


Pointer movement, left- and right- clicking and two-finger scrolling are fully supported. Touchpad options are available in System Settings > Mouse and Touchpad.

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