Seamonkey is a all-in-one internet application suite that is a continuation of The Mozilla Foundation's Application Suite. The Foundation decided to focus on their stand-alone projects Firefox and Thunderbird. However, they offered the infrastructure to allow a community to continue with the development thus beginning the Seamonkey Project


Seamonkey is a suite comprised of four applications: web browser, HTML editor, chat client and email. These four applications share code and resources to diminish load on the computer. As a suite some features are not to the individual applications, but covers the whole suite.



On the left of each application's status bar there is a small box with five icons. The icons are commands to run each of the suite's applications, allowing you to quickly open another application. From left to right they are Browser, Mail & Newsgroups, Composer, Address Book and IRC Chat.

Another suite feature would be the Preferences Menu which can be found under Edit->Preferences with the exception being Chatzilla. Chatzilla's suite Preferences Menu is located under Edit->SeaMonkey Preferences. The suite wide preference menu allows you to quickly set many preferences that would normally be repeated. For instance, the Password Manager will store the password for your webistes and email accounts. Also many of the appearance options can be set at one time, ensuring a uniform look throughout the suite.

Profile manager is another useful feature of Seamonkey suite. Profile manager lets you set up profiles of your preferences. If sharing a computer with others, this allows you to keep your stored messages, settings and other personal information private. To open profile menu click Tools->Switch Profile... Then click Manage Profiles. If you would like the choice of profiles at startup uncheck Don't ask at startup.

Web Browser


Navigator is a typical full-featured web browser that includes many standards from today's modern browsers. It does, however, have a few features that make it stand out.

It's feed detection allows you to quickly see what feeds are available and subscribe to them in Mail & Newsgroups or other feed reader.

Session restore allows you to save your tabs in case of a unexpected or even forced close, you can restore your tabs.

An Image Manager allows you to not load any images or define which websites that will.

HTML Editor


Composer is a WYSIWYG style HTML editor. This style allows you to create a website by dropping elements into place, letting you worry more about design than code. However, if you would like to hard code, that is available too.

Along the bottom of Composer is a set of four tabs: Normal, HTML Tags, Source and Preview. Normal is where the basic editing is done. HTML Tags shows the elements of the web page plus the basic tags to create those elements. Source shows the raw HTML code. Preview is the preview of the website.

Among other features, Composer has a Validate HTML and Publish functions.

Mail & Newsgroups


Mail & Newsgroups has many of the same features in most modern email applications including spam filters, multiple account support and sorting options. In addition to these features you also get newsgroup reader and a feed reader.

Mail has a feature that allows you to thread your messages. This feature groups all messages with the same subject, letting you to easily find all correspondences. Another feature of Mail would be it's powerful filters. You can filter you emails on various properties. Plus you can add tags to your email, allowing for even better filters.

Chat Client


Chatzilla is a simple but powerful IRC chat client. A tabbed interface allows you to easily keep track of multiple networks and channels. Auto-connect URLs allows you to list the IRC networks you'd like to connect to on startup. This feature is found ChatZilla->Preferences... Under the Global Settings, Startup tab. Also for each network you can create a list of commands to be ran when connected.

ChatZilla has a feature called motifs. Motifs are CSS files that allow you to use CSS to customize the chat area. The three motifs that are installed are Default, Light and Dark. You can create your own or download them to install.


Seamonkey can be installed as a suite or as individual applications.

Install Suite

Open up Applications->Ubuntu Software Center.

  1. In the upper-right corner type seamonkey into the search dialog box.
  2. Click the result that says Seamonkey internet suite.
  3. Click install


Type into the terminal

sudo apt-get install seamonkey

Install Individual Applications

This would only be recommended if you want to only install part of the suite. If you want to install the full suite please see the process above.

Open up Applications->Ubuntu Software Center.

  1. In the upper-right corner type seamonkey into the search dialog box.
  2. Click the result that has the application you want.
    1. Navigator/Composer
    2. Mail/News Groups
    3. Chatzilla
  3. Click install.

Note: Composer and Navigator are integrated and both will install the same program. The same is true for Mail Composer and Mail & Newsgoups.

Or Type into the terminal

sudo apt-get install xxxx

Replace xxxx with the package that you want to install.

  • seamonkey-browser for browser/composer
  • seamonkey-mailnews for mail/newsgroups
  • seamonkey-chatzilla for chat client

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