This document gives a walkthrough for setting up 'Users and Groups' to allow audio work in Ubuntu Studio version 9.04 for both USB and Firewire interfaces. The instructions here should be carried out in conjunction with UbuntuStudioControls. Once the instructions on this page and UbuntuStudioControls have been followed, you should reboot your computer.

Users and Groups is where you can choose which users are allowed access to the audio and video groups within Ubuntu Studio 9.04.

Users and Groups

To find Users and Groups, navigate to System -> Administration -> Users and Groups


A window titled 'User Settings' will appear.


Click on 'Unlock'. Another window, titled 'Authenticate', will appear asking for your password.


Type in your password and click on 'Authenticate'

Next, click on the button 'Manage Groups'

This opens a new window titled 'Groups Settings'

Click on 'Add Group'

In the window that appears now, enter the word 'audio' in the Group Name field. Check the box beside your username in the bottom panel to make yourself a member of that group. Click 'OK'.


Repeat this process to create a video group and to make yourself a member of that group also.


Close all windows. Remember to reboot for these changes to take effect. You will not be able to use these groups until you have done so. Remember also to use these instructions along with those on the UbuntuStudioControls page.

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