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Have you ever wanted to record conversations using Skype? Maybe use them in a podcast? These instructions discuss how to create OGG, MP3 or Wav files from your conversations.

Skype Call Recorder for Skype Version 2

The Skype Call Recorder is an open source tool that records calls through the native Skype API. Current features include:

  • Record calls to MP3, Ogg Vorbis or WAV files
  • Automatic and manual recording
  • Configure automatic recording on per-caller basis
  • Split stereo recording
  • Completely free, unlimited and open source, released under the GNU GPL
  • Running in the system tray.

Visit http://atdot.ch/scr/ and manually download the package for your distribution, or get the Ubuntu package from this PPA (see Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding_PPAs).

Also see the scr packaging request.

If you encounter an error about a missing libssl, install it with:

sudo apt-get install libssl0.9.8

Skype-rec for Skype Version 1

Skype 1.3 is obsolete. Use Skype 2 if possible.

Originally from a forum howto post by majikstreet

These instructions were tested and work with Ubuntu Gutsy 7.10 and Skype 1.3, and as of March 2008, Skype-Rec does not work for versions of Skype after 1.3 or on any system that uses PulseAduio.


  1. When you type sudo and you are prompted for a password, just enter your password.
  2. Open up a terminal before beginning.

Installing Skype-Rec

First, we must install some programs:

sudo apt-get install vsound sox sox-dev vorbis-tools lame build-essential

We now have installed vorbis-tools for OGG encoding, lame for mp3 encoding, and vsound, sox, and sox-dev for the program's dependencies. We have also installed build-essential, which will supply all the programs needed to compile programs.

Next, we must download the program and uncompress it:

wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/skype-rec/skype-rec-1.0.tar.gz
tar xvfz skype-rec-1.0.tar.gz

Now, we must compile the program library:

cd skype-rec-1.0
sudo make install

Next, we must download a replacement skype-rec for Gutsy, and setup the configuration files:

  1. Get the file skype-rec.txt.

  2. From the skype-rec directory:

mv skype-rec skype-rec-bak
mv skype-rec.txt skype-rec
chmod +x skype-rec
mkdir ~/.skype-rec
cp skype-rec.rc ~/.skype-rec/skype-rec.rc

Various settings can be adjusted in ~/.skype-rec/skype-rec.rc .

Now, we can run the program (make sure to quit Skype before running it again! also make sure that you are in the directory that you installed the program to):


That will run the program, and open up Skype (make sure to close down Skype before using this). You call your person, then you can hang up with them, and close Skype. Then, the program will convert the file to mp3.

The .mp3 file will be in the folder you installed the program to. (In my case, it was /home/majikstreet/skype-rec-kraken/XXXXXXXX.mp3. The name will appear odd. You may want to edit the name.

There will also be files with .au extensions, you can delete those if you wish.

Setting up SOX

In Gutsy (7.10), SOX 13 unfortunately causes a crash that prevents skype-rec from completing. To fix this problem, it is sufficient to install a few packages from SOX 14:

Setting up Skype 1.3 on Gutsy

Skype-rec requires Skype with OSS to work, which is most easily installed by installing Medibuntu's debian package of 1.3. The OSS version of 1.4 does not appear to work.

If you elect to install the package, simply lock this version within Synaptic to prevent it from being overwritten. After installation, make sure you set the sound system to OSS in tools > Options > Sound Devices.

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