Once you've made the move to Ubuntu GNU/Linux or any other Linux Distribution one of the next tasks many computer users have is finding software like the software they are used to running on another operating system like Windows or Macintosh. Luckily, helping you with this issue is something some people take very seriously.

Guides to finding Linux/Open Source application

If you know the name of the application you're looking for then often you will be able to find it quickly on one of the top three sites below (they are external links):

  • Open Source Alternatives "Find open source alternatives to your favourite commercial products. Browse through our software categories and compare pros and cons of both commercial products as well as open source software." As the name suggests this site is not just about equivalents to Windows or Macintosh applications. presents Open Source alternatives to commercial software generally.

  • The Linux Alternative Project "The goal is to provide an informational and available website for all linux users."

  • Linux software equivalent to Windows software "When migrating to Linux from Windows, a common question is "Where can I get a program for Linux that is similar to XYZ program on Windows?" Fear not! Listed below are programs that could be considered roughly equivalent to certain popular Windows applications. "

If that hasn't helped try typing "linux software equivalents" into your favourite search engine. Here are some of the good results from that type of search (they are external links).


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