Importance of Sticky Threads

Sticky Threads are part of the Ubuntuforums. Sticky Threads are threads of high quality or with great importance to the Ubuntu community.

Stickies should be always the first place to look. They cover current or very important issues, like events, development info, essential tutorials, answers to very often asked questions and so on.

The moderators of the Ubuntuforum made up their minds before they knight a "normal" thread a sticky

Location of Sticky Threads

Stickies are always located at the upper side of every sub-forum.


Let's have a look at the current stickies in the Absolute Beginner Talk Forum:

  • Education Focus Group: Call for Topics - important, because only by your input, testimonials and ideas, the Education Team can create content which will be of value for the users.

  • Improving Ubuntu: A Beginners Guide to Filing Bug Reports - important, because once an application crashes you can help the Ubuntu developers to find a solution for the problem; so you become a part of the solution.

  • Beginners Team - important; this is the team which has one goal: making the Ubuntu world the best world for new users. Are you interested in joining the Beginners Team? This sticky is for you.

  • New to Ubuntu? Start here... - important and very self-explanatory. If you are looking for help start there.

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