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Ubuntu is supported on a wide variety of hardware and architectures. However, there is no complete list, nor does Ubuntu support every single piece of hardware in existence. Here are some of the frequently asked questions

What architectures are supported?

Ubuntu supports

  • Intel x86, the most common type, usually known as a PC or i386. This includes PentiumTM, CeleronTM, AthlonTM and SempronTM. It also includes Apple's latest range of hardware. If you are currently running MS Windows this is what you want.
  • Amd or Intel 64-bit computers

See Get Ubuntu

There are CD images of Ubuntu for Apple PowerPC, the old(er) Apple hardware. This will only work on what Apple calls "new-world" hardware, which includes "Blue and White" G3's, and G4 and 5 systems. Users of "Beige" G3's might be able to get something working with a lot of work. Users of currently available Apple machines should use the Intel x86 version.

See here for alternate CD images.

For instructions covering installation of Ubuntu on Old World Macs, see Installation/OldWorldMacs.

What if I discover a piece of hardware doesn't work?

There are two things you should do:

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