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Logs and Scheduling

  • LinuxLogFiles - Information on system logs, application logs, and syslogd

  • CronHowto - guide to cron, to schedule commands

Desktop Configuration

  • NautilusScriptsHowto - enhance nautilus by adding scripts

  • Nautilus_Scripts - Using nautilus scripts to extend the functionality of nautilus.

  • Eye Candy - changing wallpaper & themes, as well as other functional visual enhancements.

Users and Permissions

System Configuration


  • Grub 2 - learn about the grub boot manager

  • GrubHowto/ChangeDefaultOS - Change the default operating system that boots in Grub

  • Boot Services - Disable start of unnecessary services during boot.

  • UpstartHowto - Configure your own services to start at boot, or change when upstart services are started


  • KernelHowto - make a custom kernel for your system and other changes

Time & Date


Guest Session

System Maintenance


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