This is a howto on installing, configuring and running TeamSpeak under Ubuntu-x86.

Since Feisty, Teamspeak client and server packages are available in the Ubuntu repositories. If you are unable to install Teamspeak from the repositories, you can still install manually; for that, see JConnell's forum thread at

Download and install TeamSpeak

To install the TeamSpeak client, run Synaptic or your favorite package manager, and install the 'teamspeak-client' package. Once installed, you will find Teamspeak under Applications -> Internet -> Teamspeak.

TeamSpeak links in Firefox

If you want to open teamspeak:// links with firefox then do this:

  1. Launch firefox and type about:config in the address bar

  2. Right-click and select New->String

Name: Value: TeamSpeak

  1. Right-click and select New->Boolean

Name: network.protocol-handler.external.teamspeak Value: true

  1. Now you can open teamspeak:// links, which will automatically launch TeamSpeak and connect to the specified server when you click them!


If you are unable to get sound in TeamSpeak or TeamSpeak is hogging the sound from other applications, then you will need to run TeamSpeak with the aoss command. The Linux version of TeamSpeak is based on OSS, which doesn't support software mixing. Therefore you need to use alsa-oss, which channels OSS applications through ALSA, making them them work more or less like regular ALSA programs.

To run Teamspeak through ALSA always, you should edit your Launcher links to add 'aoss' to the front of the command. E.g. the command becomes "aoss teamspeak". If you run Teamspeak from the Applications menu, go to System, Preferences, then Main Menu, and find Teamspeak under Internet. Then click Teamspeak, click Properties, and modify the command accordingly.

If you run TS2 with the aoss option, and you still aren't able to get sound in more than one application, look at your kernel -- it is possible that the driver that is loaded via autodetection is not the best driver for your actual chipset.

If you are using PulseAudio, replace aoss with padsp to achieve the same effect.

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