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Enabling DUN on Phone

On my phone, the Samsung SCH-R450 Messenger (MetroPCS & Cricket), DUN is disabled by default. To enable, press OK, 9, # and enter 587846 as unlock code.  Scroll down to DUN and enable it.

Plug in the USB cable to the PC and phone and the phone will enter USB Mass Storage mode (USM). Press 'DONE' on the phone to ready the phone for use as a modem.

Setting Up Mobile Wireless Broadband in Jaunty

Go to System > Preferences > Network Connections and select the Wireless Broadband tab.
Choose ADD and select CDMA when it asks what type of connection (CDMA or GSM) Enter the following information:

Telephone Number: #777
Username: 3055551212@mymetropcs.com (replace with your tel number.)
Password: mymetropcs

Configuring Proxy for use with MteroPCS

Set proxy in browser as follows:

Testing Operation of Mobile Phone Modem

When a request goes out for a web page, the phone will flash 'Data Calling' then switch to a screen with Tx/Rx strength meters. After a period of inactivity, the screen will flash a Total Bytes Uploaded/Downloaded Summary Screen then go back to the normal phone wallpaper, which is basically sleep mode and will 'wake up' when another request goes out from your browser.

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