Connecting to a Microsoft Exchange Server with Thunderbird

This Document describes how to connect to a Microsoft Exchange server using Thunderbird.



Connection Settings

Server Name:

Port: 143

User Name will be one of the following:

USERNAME password
DOMAIN/USERNAME/MAILBOX password password password

User Name - see the "Test your IMAP login with Telnet" section for more information

Security Settings

Use secure connection: Never

Use secure authentication: Never

Discover your default mailbox name

Microsoft's Active Directory Application Mode. ADAM is a package of tools that includes CSVDE, which allows one to perform queries on ActiveDirectory. One may use csvde to discover default mailbox names by browsing the LDAP properties of Active Directory The mailbox property exists on the user as ‘mailNickname’

Type this into google, the download page should be the second hit.

adam microsoft

Install. Open the command prompt. Start>RUN and type 'cmd' Navigate to the installation directory, default is c:\windows\ADAM

Example Queries: Query a user entry (replace 'lastname' with the user's lastname)

CSVDE -f export.csv -r "(&(objectClass=user)(sn=lastname))"

Open the resulting file export.csv in MS Excel or OO Calc and look for the mailNickName property.

One may also use Windows's Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in. The mailbox is referred to as the “Alias”, and can be seen by navigating to the user, right click > Properties > Exchange General

Test your IMAP login with Telnet

telnet 143

One of the following login commands: (If the mailbox is not specified the default is used)

a001 login USERNAME password
a001 login DOMAIN/USERNAME password
a001 login DOMAIN/USERNAME/MAILBOX password

User Principal Name(UPN) Login: (Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in > navigate to user and right click > Properties > Account, UPN is listed under User logonname.)

a001 login password
a001 login password

The string following "a001 login" is what one uses for the username within firefox

Setting Up the Global Address Book

You need to set up the address book with the following settings:


<name it as you like, to separate it from other address books, you might have>

Hostname: (This is the hostname of the exchange server)

Base DN:

dc=domain,dc=local (the full name of the local domain, e.g. domain.local, translated to this syntax)

Port number:

3268 (i believe this is exchange's default port)

Bind DN:


Search filter (on the advanced tab):



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