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TorrentFlux is a free PHP based Torrent client that is scripted in PHP, with a MySQL database and runs on a web server. With TorrentFlux you can manage all of your Torrent downloads through a convenient web interface from anywhere.

TorrentFlux enables you to run BitTorrent downloads unattended on a monitor-less or remote server 24 hours a day, while still maintaining complete control from any web browser. Now you can control your downloading on your firewall, or keep up with downloads while on vacation. It uses the BitTornado client to download files, and also requires a web server with PHP.

The most recent beta release also includes support for ADOdb, allowing for use of other database backends. Numerous "hacks" have been written to add additional functionality.


  • Upload Torrents via URL or File Upload
  • Start, Stop, and Delete Torrents with ease
  • Advanced Torrent start options (ports, speeds, etc.)
  • Multi-user interface
  • RSS Feeds, download Torrents files with a click
  • Run several torrents at once
  • View Download Progress of all torrents at a glance
  • View drive space at a glance
  • View Torrent file meta information
  • Built-in User management and Security
  • Private Messaging
  • Themes (selectable per user)
  • Upload History
  • Detailed User Administration
  • Admin Searchable Logs
  • Torrent Search (many popular sites)
  • Language Support
  • Make your own torrents
  • Add torrents to a download Queue
  • NFO / Text viewer


Download and install package torrentflux from the Universe repository. If you have problems with the download, check this link InstallingSoftware for useful advice.

Getting Started

Once you have successfully installed TorrentFlux, you can access it using your web browser, and go to the following URL:




Use the same username and password that you have entered during installation to log in to TorrentFlux.


TorrentFlux homepage


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