HybridFox (Fork of ElasticFox) configuration for UEC


Starting with version 1.6 of Eucalyptus, you can use HybridFox to manage your instances on UEC. This page provides details on how to configure it.



HybridcFox is a Firefox extension that can be downloaded from code.google.com. It is a fork from Amazons ElasticFox which works with eucalyptus. The xpi should install itself automatically, provided that you authorize FireFox to do so. You will then need to restart FireFox.

To start HybridFox, select the corresponding item in the Tools menu. It will open a new tab displaying HybridFox.


Defining a region

Your UEC instance is seen by HybridFox as a new region for EC2. To add a region:

  1. click on the "Regions" button
  2. Fill "Region Name" with any string describing your UEC setup
  3. Fill "Endpoint URL" with http://<cloud-ip-address>:8773/services/Eucalyptus

  4. Click on the "Add" button
  5. Click on "Close"

Defining Credentials

In order to specify your credentials, you will first need to get the values that have been set up for your account.

  1. Point your web browser to https://<cloud-ip-address>:8443

  2. Login with your previously defined account and password
  3. Go to the "Credentials" tab
  4. Under the heading "Query interface credentials", click on Show Key
  5. Be ready to cut and paste these values into HybridFox.

HybridFox need to be opened in another FireFox window. If you opened it as a tab of the same window as the UEC interface, just drag the tab title outside the current window, it will create a new window with HybridFox in it. Then, in HybridFox:

  1. Click on the "Credentials" button
  2. Fill "Account Name" with any string describing this account
  3. Fill "AWS Access Key" with the value provided in UEC as "Query ID"
  4. Fill "AWS Secret Key" with the value provided in UEC as "Secret Key"
  5. Click on the "Add" button
  6. Click on "Close"

you should now be all set.

Using HybridFox

The documentation for HybridFox is, for all other purposes, the same as the one provided for AWS. A few tabs will not however be functional in UEC as the services are not implemented:

  • Reserved Instances
  • Virtual Private Clouds
  • VPN Connections

Also, please note that what is referred to in AWS as "Availability Zones" matches what Eucalyptus defines as "Clusters." Typically, there is a cluster controller (eucalyptus-cc), a storage controller (eucalyptus-sc) and one or more node controller (eucalyptus-nc) per cluster.

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