As of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, all component registration should be automatic, assuming:

  1. Public SSH keys have been exchanged properly
  2. The services are configured properly
  3. The services are publishing their existence
  4. The appropriate uec-component-listener is running
  5. Verify Registration.

Steps a to e should only be required if you're using the UEC/PackageInstall method. Otherwise, if you are following the UEC/CDInstall method, these steps should already be completed automatically for you, and therefore you can skip a to e.


Exchange Public SSH Keys

The Cloud Controller's eucalyptus user needs to have SSH access to the Walrus Controller, Cluster Controller, and Storage Controller as the eucalyptus user.

Install the Cloud Controller's eucalyptus user's public ssh key by:

  • On the target controller, temporarily set a password for the eucalyptus user:

    sudo passwd eucalyptus
  • Then, on the Cloud Controller:
    sudo -u eucalyptus ssh-copy-id -i /var/lib/eucalyptus/.ssh/ eucalyptus@<IP_OF_NODE>
  • You can now remove the password of the eucalyptus account on the target controller, if you wish:

  • sudo passwd -d eucalyptus


Configure the Services

On the Cloud Controller:

  • For the Cluster Controller Registration:

    • Define the shell variable CC_NAME in /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus-cc.conf

    • Define the shell variable CC_IP_ADDR in /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus-ipaddr.conf, as a space separated list of one or more IP addresses.

  • For the Walrus Controller Registration:

    • Define the shell variable WALRUS_IP_ADDR in /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus-ipaddr.conf, as a single IP address.

On the Cluster Controller:

  • For Storage Controller Registration:

    • Define the cluster name in the shell variable CC_NAME in /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus-cc.conf

    • Define the shell variable SC_IP_ADDR in /etc/eucalyptus/eucalyptus-ipaddr.conf, as a space separated list of one or more IP addresses.



Now start the publication services.

  • Walrus Controller:

    sudo start eucalyptus-walrus-publication
  • Cluster Controller:

    sudo start eucalyptus-cc-publication
  • Storage Controller:

    sudo start eucalyptus-sc-publication
  • Node Controller

    sudo start eucalyptus-nc-publication


Start the Listener

On the Cloud Controller and the Cluster Controller(s), run:

sudo start uec-component-listener


Verify Registration

cat /var/log/eucalyptus/registration.log
2010-04-08 15:46:36-05:00 | 24243 -> Calling node cluster1 node
2010-04-08 15:46:36-05:00 | 24243 -> euca_conf --register-nodes returned 0
2010-04-08 15:48:47-05:00 | 25858 -> Calling walrus Walrus
2010-04-08 15:48:51-05:00 | 25858 -> euca_conf --register-walrus returned 0
2010-04-08 15:49:04-05:00 | 26237 -> Calling cluster cluster1
2010-04-08 15:49:08-05:00 | 26237 -> euca_conf --register-cluster returned 0
2010-04-08 15:49:17-05:00 | 26644 -> Calling storage cluster1 storage
2010-04-08 15:49:18-05:00 | 26644 -> euca_conf --register-sc returned 0

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