The goal of this page is to document little tips or tricks for working with UEC that don't fit other places.

Multiple DHCP Servers / MAC Filtering

The installation of a CloudController adds a dhcp server to the network. It is managed and will only respond to instances. However, if you have another dhcp server on your same network, it may also respond, which could wreak havoc.

Eucalyptus creates its instances with MAC addresses starting with d0:0d. This means that you can configure the other dhcp server on the network to ignore instance requests by filtering on that MAC address.

This can be accomplished in in various dhcp servers:


dnsmasq, which is used by dd-wrt or other wrt projects, just need to have the following to the config added:



You configuration need to define a class matching the Mac address prefix, then exclude the class from a pool. Example /etc/dhcpd.conf:

#this class prevents serving request from instances
class "ignoreclass" {
    match if (substring(hardware,1,2)=d0:0d);

subnet netmask {
    option domain-name-servers;
    #other options here
        #this is where we deny attributing addresses
        deny members of "ignoreclass";
        #all other mac addresses will receive addresses from this range

Cloud in your pocket - UEC Live ISO

If you need to demo UEC, this could be all you need. See the details on Dustin Kirkland's post.

Hadoop cluster deployment

Excellent blog post by Mathias Gug on deploying a Hadoop cluster on EC2/UEC with Puppet and Ubuntu Maverick.

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