Notice: These pages are no longer maintained and/or contain outdated information - Please refer to the official upstream LTSP-Wiki for current documentation

General Information

General information regarding LTSP under Ubuntu

Upgrades and Maintenance

Keeping it up to date and running smoothly

  • UpdatingChroot - Updating the LTSP chroot to the latest software

  • UseStgraberPPA - Using the 'stgraber' Personal Package Archive (PPA) to update LTSP packages

  • GnomeWatchdog - Using gnome-watchdog to kill stale processes after user logout

  • KillStaleKioskProc - Info on killing stale processes if you are using a 'kiosk' style mode

LTSP-Specific Configurations

HOWTOs and guides regarding specific software installations and configurations directly related to the LTSP project

Linux Multi-User Server Configurations

HOWTOs and guides regarding software installations/configurations in multi-user environments (such as LTSP) but not directly related to the LTSP project

Alternative boot methods, boot-related information

Network Security

How to lock your infrastructure down

Unique Setups

Goal/scenario specific configurations


LTSP-Cluster specific configurations

Mixed Environments

LTSP alongside other operating systems, network services, hardware architectures, etc.


How to fix it if it breaks

Hardware Resources

Note: The following hardware is not endorsed or supported by any entity other than the companies who manufacture them. We make no guarantee that these products will work with Ubuntu/LTSP. Please consult with the manufacturer before purchasing these products.

Other Useful Resources

Please explore the links below for more information regarding LTSP, Ubuntu, Edubuntu and thin-client computing in general. If you have a resource to share, please add it below!

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