Notice: These pages are no longer maintained and/or contain outdated information; please refer to for current documentation. All pages under UbuntuLTSP will be deleted when the new and redesigned LTSP ships with Ubuntu 20.04, if you need any of the following obsolete documentation please back it up to

General Information

General information regarding LTSP under Ubuntu

Upgrades and Maintenance

Keeping it up to date and running smoothly

  • UpdatingChroot - Updating the LTSP chroot to the latest software

  • UseStgraberPPA - Using the 'stgraber' Personal Package Archive (PPA) to update LTSP packages

  • GnomeWatchdog - Using gnome-watchdog to kill stale processes after user logout

  • KillStaleKioskProc - Info on killing stale processes if you are using a 'kiosk' style mode

LTSP-Specific Configurations

HOWTOs and guides regarding specific software installations and configurations directly related to the LTSP project

Linux Multi-User Server Configurations

HOWTOs and guides regarding software installations/configurations in multi-user environments (such as LTSP) but not directly related to the LTSP project

Alternative boot methods, boot-related information

Network Security

How to lock your infrastructure down

Unique Setups

Goal/scenario specific configurations


LTSP-Cluster specific configurations

Mixed Environments

LTSP alongside other operating systems, network services, hardware architectures, etc.


How to fix it if it breaks

Hardware Resources

Note: The following hardware is not endorsed or supported by any entity other than the companies who manufacture them. We make no guarantee that these products will work with Ubuntu/LTSP. Please consult with the manufacturer before purchasing these products.

Other Useful Resources

Please explore the links below for more information regarding LTSP, Ubuntu, Edubuntu and thin-client computing in general. If you have a resource to share, please add it below!

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