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IconsPage/ubuntu_grey.png - Main (officially supported) Ubuntu repository, not installed by default
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Those installed by default are in Main (officially supported) Ubuntu repository. For information about the Ubuntu repositories see Repositories. Clicking on the icon next a program should take you to information about the Ubuntu package.


  • GDL http://packages.ubuntu.com/gnudatalanguage- GNU Data Language is a high level language for numerical computations and data visualization similar to IDL (Interactive Data Language from Research Systems Inc.).

  • Octave http://packages.ubuntu.com/octave - GNU Octave is a high-level language, primarily intended for numerical computations. (Similar to MATLAB). Octave

  • SciCraft - Add-on to Octave, clones Simulink. Still in development, blocks have to be written by the user. It is supposed to specialize in bioinformatics functions.

  • Scilab http://packages.ubuntu.com/scilab - Another MATLAB-like application.

  • SciCos - A free Simulink-like add-on to Scilab.

  • Maxima http://packages.ubuntu.com/maxima - A computer algebra system (xmaxima is its X interface).

    • wxMaxima http://packages.ubuntu.com/wxmaxima - A nice front end for Maxima.

    • The wxmaxima package doesn't work in Ubuntu 6.06. Please go to the wxMaxima page in this wiki for a work around.

    • Here is a tutorial about using TeXmacs as a Maxima frontend

    • imaxima embeds a Maxima session in Emacs and uses LaTeX to render output

  • Mathomatic http://packages.ubuntu.com/mathomatic - A small, easy to use, command-line computer algebra system.

  • GNU MP http://packages.ubuntu.com/libgmp3c2 - GNU Multi-Precision arithmetic library. Useful if you need to use very big numbers in a C program.

  • GSL http://packages.ubuntu.com/gsl-bin - The Gnu Scientific Library.

  • OOStatistics - A statistics macro for OpenOffice Calc.

  • freefem http://packages.ubuntu.com/freefem - A partial differential equation oriented language using Finite Element Method - 2D and 3D versions.

  • OpenFOAM - A former commercial computational fluid dynamics code that is now under GPL, see end of this page and

    • OpenFOAM has instructions on how to install OpenFOAM on Ubuntu.

  • SciPy http://packages.ubuntu.com/python-scipy - An open source library of scientific tools for Python.

  • SymPy http://packages.ubuntu.com/python-sympy - An open source computer algebra system (CAS) for Python.

  • F2PY http://packages.ubuntu.com/python-f2py - Fortran to Python interface generator provides a connection between Python and Fortran languages.

  • GiNaC http://packages.ubuntu.com/ginac-tools - C++ library for symbolic computations.

  • SAGE - An open source computer algebra system. Their goal is to create a viable free and open source alternative to the commercial programs Magma, Maple, Mathematica, and MATLAB.

  • Mathematica - A proprietary computer algebra system. Mathematica

  • Maple - A proprietary computer algebra system. Maple

  • IDL - A proprietary data visualization & data analysis platform.

  • MATLAB - A proprietary numerical computing environment and programming language .MATLAB

  • GeoGebra - A free and multi-platform dynamic mathematics software for schools that joins geometry, algebra and calculus. It received several international awards including the European and German educational software awards. Geogebra

  • PDL http://packages.ubuntu.com/pdl - Perl Data Language is a powerful data mathematics and data manipulation package for Perl.

  • Mupad - A proprietary computer algebra system.

  • Clucalc - A tool for 3D visualisations, Clifford algebras and scientific calculations.

  • AUTO 2000 - Software for continuation and bifurcation problems in ordinary differential equations.

  • GAP - Groups, Algorithms, Programming http://packages.ubuntu.com/gap - a System for Computational Discrete Algebra.

  • Pari/GP http://packages.ubuntu.com/pari-gp - designed for fast computations in number theory.

  • Aribashttp://packages.ubuntu.com/aribas - an interactive interpreter for big integer arithmetic and multi-precision floating point arithmetic

  • Yacas http://packages.ubuntu.com/yacas - an easy to use, general purpose Computer Algebra System, a program for symbolic manipulation of mathematical expressions.

  • Cadabra http://packages.ubuntu.com/cadabra - a field-theory motivated approach to computer algebra.

  • Veusz http://packages.ubuntu.com/veusz - GUI scientific plotting and graphing package.


  • SPSS The proprietary statistical reference package. Written in Java, since version 16 (currently 17) runs on Linux, although it has some problems with Compiz Fusion (Solution: sudo gedit /etc/environment. Add at the end: AWT_TOOLKIT="MToolkit". Save and restart).

  • PSPP/PSPPIRE It is intended as a free replacement of the proprietary program SPSS. PSPPIRE is the PSPP GUI.

  • R http://packages.ubuntu.com/r-base - for statistical computing and graphics.

  • ODStatistics - a set of LibreOffice macros for descriptive statistics

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