IconsPage/ubuntu.png - installed by default in Ubuntu
IconsPage/kubuntu.png - installed by default in Kubuntu
IconsPage/edubuntu.png - installed by default in Edubuntu
IconsPage/ubuntu_grey.png - Main (officially supported) Ubuntu repository, not installed by default
IconsPage/community.png - Universe (community maintained) repository
IconsPage/important.png - Multiverse (non-free) repository

Those installed by default are in Main (officially supported) Ubuntu repository. For information about the Ubuntu repositories see Repositories. Clicking on the icon next a program should take you to information about the Ubuntu package.


  • AstronautVistA - A CCHIT-approved comprehensive electronic medical record system, based on the US Veterans Administration EHR system. Specific installation instructions for Ubuntu/Kubuntu are here.

  • Debian-med - A set of metapackages that Ubuntu inherits from Debian for medical practice and research.

  • dcm4chee - A robust DICOM image and PACS server that runs within the JBoss (Java) Application Server framework.

  • Aeskulap - A medical image viewer.

  • kradview - DICOM viewer.

  • openDICOM.NET - DICOM imaging software.

  • GNUmed http://packages.ubuntu.com/gnumed-common - Medical practice software.

  • OpenClinica - A web-based Clinical Data Management Software (CDMS) platform for managing multi-site clinical research studies.

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