This page describes some of the basic usage of the Ubuntu Netbook Edition desktop session. Only UNE-specific features are discussed here so for general Ubuntu help please start here.

How do I add/remove a application in Favorites?

The Favorites launcher menu gives you quick access to your most used applications. To add a new favorite find the applications icon in the launcher menu. When you hold the cursor over the item a small "+" is shown in the top right corner of the icon. To add the application to the Favorites menu simply click on the "+".

To remove an application, right-click on the icon in the Favorites menu and select "Remove".

How do I add/remove a web bookmark in Favorites?

In addition to adding applications to Favorites, web bookmarks can also be added thanks to the webfav Firefox extension installed by default in Ubuntu Netbook Edition. When the extension is enabled a heart icon is shown in the location bar. Clicking that icon adds the current page to the Favorites menu.

A web bookmark can also be added from Firefox by dragging the URL to the go-home applet.

Additionally, if the gnome-web-photo package is installed, a preview of the web page that has been bookmarked will appear after some delay (as gnome-web-photo takes a snapshot of the page).

To remove a web bookmark, right-click on the icon in the Favorites menu and select "Remove".

Why are all my windows maximized?

Ubuntu Netbook Edition realizes that on netbooks screen real estate is precious. To help netbook users UNE ships a program called Maximus that automatically maximizes application windows as they open up. The traditional title-bar functions are retained in the gnome-panel for convenience.

How do I temporarily unmaximize a window?

When new windows are opened up they are automatically maximized to give the most working area possible. However, sometimes a window needs to be unmaximized temporarily when working with multiple applications. To do this simply double-click on the application's title in the panel. To maximize again, double-click again.

How do I permanently unmaximize a window?

Some applications are not designed to be maximized (many video/music player consoles for instance). The automatic maximizing utility is called Maximus. An application can be added to the list of excluded programs by using the following procedure:

  1. First you need to get the unique name for this application that the computer will recognize. To do this you need to open the application and an unmaximized terminal window. In the terminal run: xprop | grep WM_CLASS and then click on the application's window. The resulting output in the terminal will give you the unique names that you need for the next step.

  2. Open up the Gconf Editor gconf-editor and navigate to apps, maximus. Double-click on the exclude_class key. You can then add entries using the output from Step 1 or remove entries if you want them to be maximized by default.

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