PythonXY for Ubuntu

This is the effort to make scientific work using Ubuntu and Python a easiy go.

It builds on the successful work done by the PythonXY (for Windows) team.


The efforts concentrate mainly on:

  1. preparation of packages
    1. metapackages that install all recommended packages at once
    2. individual packages of useful Python modules / packages
  2. in future: the integration of the xy package into Ubuntu with all its tools such
    1. as menu icons,
    2. documentation links
    3. tray icons / indicators

Package Repositories

Stable PPA

The Python XY Stable contains:

  • The metapackages for the current stable Ubuntu version
    • These install only packages already available in the Ubuntu repositiories.
    • The ideas is to get you started quickly and add new recommended useful packages easily.
  • Individual package builds
    • only if the upstream source released a (offical) stable package
    • this is done in rare cases where the upstream packages has a huge and important improvement over the ones existing in the repositories

Development PPA

The Python XY Development contains:

  • The metapackages of new developments for the current and development Ubuntu version
    • These install additionally to the packages of the stable metapackages new packages.
    • These new packages may orginiate from:
      • individual builds of in the very same devel PPA
      • other PPAs available (Matplotlib, IPython, NumPy, etc.)

  • Individual package builds
    • new builds by the Launchpad buildbot (recipies) upon latest upstream code changes
    • new packages not yet available in the offical repositories

Support and Help needed!

  • Test packages and

  • Correct mistakes in the packages by changing and pushing to the relevant debian files repository
  • Adopt a new package and package it!

Organisational Tasks

  • Help to automatise the update of metapackages
  • Improve the infrastructure
    • this wiki page
    • the respective entries in the Launchpad pages
    • the pythonxy-linux page

    • creation of download statistics (to see if this is actually needed...)


  • Why do you not work wth MOTU?
    • We would like to have the latest code becuase some useful libraries are really improving and bug-fixing quickly.
    • The Debian/Ubuntu packaging is a cumbersome process.
    • This leads to delays which is not desired.
    • But we appreciate any coordination and feedback from more experienced MOTUs to improve both packages and presence in the Ubuntu repositories.

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