Your options are as follows:

Either to install from within your current OS


* Wubi: Wubi allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu as any other Windows application.

Previous release of Ubuntu Studio:

* Upgrade: Press Alt+F2 and type "update-manager -d", this will update your current Ubuntu Studio to the latest release.

Or install from boot:

You can install from DVD, USB or PXE.


*An iso image can be downloaded from Ubuntu Studio and burned onto a DVD or a copy can be obtained free of charge from Canonical.


*Thumbdrives and memory cards can be made bootable with UNetbootin for Windows or Linux. Existing Ubuntu 8.10 users will find a tool for this in System->Administration->Create a USB startup disk.


*You can install from network with PXELINUX

Inside BIOS select respectively CD-ROM, USB drive or network in the bootmanager.

Once installation media is found, the process is the same for all three options. Follow directions given by installation.

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