"Quick Tips" is a place to share information on how to improve low-latency performance of UbuntuStudio and particularly JACK. Please report the steps you took to achieve your configuration, along with performance metrics: Your sampling rate, buffers/periods setting, and an estimate frequency of XRUNS.

-- e.g. Added line "module foo" to /etc/foo/foo.conf and entered "/etc/init.d/foo restart" to reload foo. Achieved six hours of performance at 96kHz/3/128 with XRUNS only happening when starting applications. --

Setting and controling JACK is easy using JACK Control (qjackctl). For running JACK with Real-time Full-Duplex capabilities using Audio Card Intel Corporation (ICH6 Family) High Definition Audio Controller, with ALSA ALC880 Analog Playback/Capture, set JACK preferences on Setup.../Settings tab (qjackctl) to:

  • check Realtime, with prioity: 0
  • check Force 16-bit
  • Frames/Period: 128 (lower this for reduce latency)
  • Sample Rate: 44100
  • Periods/Buffer: 3
  • Audio: Duplex (default)
  • Driver: alsa (default)
  • and leave the others to default.

Using linux-lowlatency package is recommended for better performance. This setting will achieve, 44.1kHz/3/128. The number of XRUNS was not counted.

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