Reporting a Bug

First, make sure it's a bug specific to Ubuntu Studio when filing. Otherwise use the more general Ubuntu method for reporting bugs, for which information can be found here.

Bugs concerning Ubuntu Studio are reported at the Ubuntu Studio Launchpad Page. You will need to create an account in order to file bugs there.

What to Include in the Bug Report

When reporting a bug in Ubuntu Studio, please include the following:

System specifications, ie:

  • kernel (lowlatency, generic, custom)

  • CPU (32 bits/64 bits)

Steps to recreate the bug

  • For Example: When I touch "this" button on application A, it crashes instantly

After the initial assessment of the bug, you may be asked more detailed information. Please be prompt in providing this information, as it will help developers in quickly diagnosing the problem.

What Not to Include in a Bug Report

An Ambiguous Title - Please make the title of the bug report specific.

A Laundry List - Do not include a list of all the bugs you have run into while using Ubuntu Studio, file a separate bug report for each bug.

Additional Resources

  • How to Report Bugs Effectively - A detailed guide in providing an effective bug report.

  • Creating a Backtrace - In some cases it may be necessary to provide a backtrace, which helps programmers find the specific location of a crash inside an application.

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