Ubuntu Studio Installer

Ubuntu Studio Installer is a tool with two purposes:

  • Add packages you may have opted out of when installing Ubuntu Studio
  • Install Ubuntu Studio as a Toolkit on top of an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation.

If using Ubuntu or an Ubuntu flavor before 19.04, please install the Ubuntu Studio Backports PPA before following this article.


Ubuntu Studio includes Ubuntu Studio Installer by default. For other flavors, open a terminal and type:
sudo apt install ubuntustudio-installer

This will bring in other tools, such as Ubuntu Studio Controls which is required for audio configuration prep which is done after Ubuntu Studio Installer has been run.


To use, simply click on the icon for Ubuntu Studio Installer, or find it in your launcher/dash.

Once it is open, you will see a window like this:


Simply click on the packages you desire in the left-hand box (descriptions of those packages are in the right-hand box).

If you wish to add the Ubuntu Studio Backports PPA to have the latest versions of certain packages as they become available, click "Add Backports PPA".

If you already have the Backports PPA and wish to remove it, click "Remove Backports PPA". Note: This will not remove any packages installed from the PPA, or downgrade to a lower version of those packages if installed.

Once you have your selection(s) made, click "Install". If instructed to log-out and log-in after installer completes, do so. This simply adds the real-time audio permissions to your user if you don't have them already.

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