Ubuntu Studio is an officially recognized derivative of Ubuntu specializing in multi-media creation.

Ubuntu Studio provides a suite of the best open-source applications aimed at the GNU/Linux audio, video and graphic enthusiast as well as the professional.

Completely free to use, modify and redistribute. Your only limitation is your imagination.

Next, let's contrast how Ubuntu Studio differs from Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Studio vs. Ubuntu

Some differences are more evident between Ubuntu Studio and plain, vanilla Ubuntu. Among these include

Ubuntu Studio is more than just Ubuntu with a slick theme and extra packages installed. There are several fundamental differences under the hood including:

  • real-time kernel
  • limits.conf
  • audio group
  • jack vs. pulseaudio

Real Time Kernel

Ubuntu Studio uses the real-time kernel which is modified with the preempt patch by Ingo Molnar. This helps reduce the amount of latency which is very beneficial for audio work.

The low levels of latency that can be achieve in Linux uses the real-time kernel can surpass those available under Windows and Mac.


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