The Ubuntu Unity Experience Project is a team of people from both Canonical and the Ubuntu Community at large who will work together and co-ordinate an effort to maintain the Ubuntu Unity Experience namely the Unity7 DE along with a concurrent effort for unity to achieve official flavor status of the Ubuntus.


How To Help

If you want to volunteer time in any of the categories just send a msg to @dale-f-beaudoin and I’ll insert your name/handle it the proper section.

Members & Contributors

Project Lead

Dale Beaudoin
Khurshid Alam

Current Guidance Leads

Will Cooke
Martin Wimpress
...others to be inserted

Current Development and Consultant Leads

Simon Quigley
Omer Akram
...others to be inserted

Committed C++ Programmers

Hannibal Lecter2
...others to be inserted

Troubleshooting and Bugs

Emanuele Antonio Farone
...others to be inserted

Wiki Moderation

Ian Weisser2

Community Hub Consultant

Alan Pope

Current Active Members

The list of members who are currently active in all aspects of this project can be found in the members list at this launchpad link

Unity Components to sub-page

Bugs & Issues to a sub-page



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